Sean Daylor

for North Kingstown Town Council

About My Platform

Thomas Jefferson stated, "We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate." Less than half of the population aged 18-35 cast a vote, but account for 31% of the overall electorate. The Council's youngest incumbent is 53 years old, but the Town's average age is 43.5. As a 20 year old pursuing a seat on the Council I seek to provide inclusive representation while providing a new prospective and advocating a forward-thinking agenda.

My Info

My name is Sean Daylor, and I'm running for NK Town Council.
  • Name: Sean C. Daylor
  • Address: 440 Congdon Hill Road
  • Phone: (401) 855-6471
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Learn More About Me: My Resume

My Platform

Business & Infrastructure

Fostering business friendly practices.


Preserving our coastal environment.

Representation & Collaboration

Encouraging participation and activism.

My Objectives

Business & Infrastructure

Expand Commercial Tax Base

I will ensure the implementation of business friendly practices and encourage development in the Quonset area.

Improve Post Road Corridor

I will push to review and expand the Post Road Fa├žade Improvement Program to benefit our Town and businesses.

Renovate Town Hall Building

I will propose a plan to renovate the old Town Hall building, restoring a valuable historical site to house the Town's offices.

Wickford Elementary

Allowing the development of and investment in the Wickford Elementary property would positively impact the Wickford area, boosting revenue for local businesses.


Ban Plastic Bags & Straws

I will strengthen the plastic bag ban ordinance with stricter penalties and expand to include plastic straws. Paper straws are an easy replacement while being significantly more friendly to the environment.

Deploy Solar-Compacting Wastebins

I will recommend deploying solar-compacting wastebins to discourage littering and protect our coastal environment while saving money from littering deterrent costs.

Smart Growth Implementation Assistance (SGIA) Program

I will submit an application to the EPA's SGIA program to foster economic growth, protect environmental resources, enhance public health, and plan for development.

Solarize Rhode Island

I will advocate for joining our fellow municipalities in the Office of Energy Resources' campaign to Solarize RI and take advantage of incentives while keeping private solar farms out.

Representation & Collaboration

Work with neighboring communities

I will work with neighboring communities to raise awareness about important issues, such as Project Sticker Shock.

Local Awareness Campaigns

I will facilitate local campaigns to educate our community and continue to foster a safe and prosperous Town. For example, Jamestown's tick check.

Support and Enable School Committee

A major factor when deciding where to raise a family is a town's quality of education. I will work with the School Committee to mitigate budgeting issues and provide our schools with the tools and resources to continue being a top school in RI.

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